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Thank you for your interest in the East Aurora Fire Department. Here is some general information about what our department does and what you can do if you would like to join our ranks! For general questions and information please call or text either:

Asst Chief 9-2 Aaron Denz: (716) 796-1487
Captain Sam Jaworski : (716) 777-2944

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The Big Picture

Members of EAFD provide a variety of services for the East Aurora Fire protection district. This includes fighting fires, auto accident extrication, responding to medical emergencies, and special operations such as HazMat incidents and rescue operations. Every firefighter has different talents and specialties, the diversity of which makes the department whole greater than the sum of its parts.

What You Can Do

Individual talents go beyond the above list however, below is a summary of the various roles the department members serve as:

  • Exterior Firefighting: All the fun without being inside the burning building
  • Interior Firefighting: All the fun and being inside the burning building
  • Driver/pump operator: Diving the truck or engine, and pumping water on scenes of fire or during training
  • Fire Police: Assisting with directing traffic around emergency scenes
  • Auxiliary: Support for the company with fundraising, event support and organization, and the occasional cookout for a large training or social event. Click Here to learn more about our Auxiliary!

Department Roles and Training

Training: Basic training is provided to establish the essential skill set for fire, rescue, and medical duties. This is done with department support and courses provided by the county and state. We will assist you in scheduling the training relevant to your role in the department!

Scene Support: These Firefighters assist those with higher training on scene of an emergency. They are a crucial part of mitigating any emergency and are essential on every call we respond to. For example; hooking up to fire hydrants, putting out fires from a safe location, organizing hose lines, etc…

Interior Firefighter: These are the Firefighters that are taught to put out fires from inside a burning building. This requires a lot of training due to the inherent risk of the task which is both mentally and physically draining. For example; taking a hose into a burning building to save as much property as possible, searching for missing occupants at a house fire, etc…

Driver/Pump Operator: These firefighters do not have to be interior trained, but they do go through special training to drive large emergency vehicles, as well as training to learn pump operations, from gallons per minute, to pump pressures, to friction loss calculations, a bit of a mental exercise!

Auto Extrication Technician: These Firefighters are trained on what is commonly known as “the jaws of life” and other rescue tools. This training teaches Firefighters how to free people that have been trapped in a car or machine during an accident. Rope Rescue Technician: These Firefighters have specialized training to be able to access people that cannot be accessed on foot. For example, using ropes to rappel down a ravine to rescue someone who has fallen, etc…

EMT: Emergency Medical Technicians are taught to provide frontline medical care. Fire Police: Fire Police are trained to shut down roads or direct traffic around areas of emergencies to keep Firefighters and bystanders safe.

Auxiliary: If you want to support the department but don’t want to do any of the above, the auxiliary meet regularly and support the EAFD through event planning, fundraising, organizing, helping out with public outreach and functions, and fostering a sense of community with all they do. Click Here to learn more about our Auxiliary!

What you can look forward to:

  • Central Fire Station Gear RoomMeeting with Aaron or Katie to discuss what you’d like to do at the department, and outlining the next steps.
  • Filling out an application form.
  • Meeting your mentor, who will be your primary contact. They will help you get going with your new member ‘to do’ list, getting your equipment together, scheduling training, drills, and responding to your first calls.
  • Attending drills with the department, with your mentor, two Thursdays per month, and even some Saturdays.
  • Training courses at various fire halls and the county training tower (super fun).
  • Getting to know the volunteer firefighting community and of course being an excellent addition to our ranks!

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