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Horizon 2050: Our Master Plan

Vision Statement

The East Aurora Fire Department shall strive to meet or exceed acceptable fire service standards for personnel safety, operations, training, apparatus, and base facilities to provide the best possible emergency response services.

Mission Statement

The East Aurora Fire Department, a department of the Village of East Aurora, NY, shall safeguard the population, property, and vulnerable economic, cultural, and infrastructure resources of the East Aurora Fire Protection District #1.

Goals: 2006-Present

1. Restructure the organization to reflect the impact of NIMS and the ICS. Completed.
2. Implement a 400MHZ communication system compatible with fire service needs and a gateway to the NYS 800 MHZ communications system. Completed with $800,000 FEMA Grant to EAFD.
3. Construct a new base facility to support all applicable facets of emergency response. Completed 2015.
4. Acquire apparatus that are able to deliver current and anticipated technology to perform the mission. Completed 2 Engines and 1 Heavy Rescue.
5. Establish a local training facility that includes tower, smokehouse, and classroom. Completed with $120,000 private grants to EAFD.
6. Recruit new firefighters and retain existing firefighter membership. Ongoing - 23 new members in last two years.
7. Upgrade membership training in all applicable aspects of the fire rescue service.
8. Enhance an aggressive culture of safety in all aspects of emergency response. Ongoing.
9. Establish the infrastructure and information bases to support planning, prevention, and response to unexpected emergency events. Completed.
10. Engage the community to prevent unexpected emergency events, perform civilian first response roles, and provide emergency and long term support of the fire service. Completed.
11. Improve funding options available to implement goals. Ongoing. Received $465,000 from FEMA for various Projects.


Night time fire overhaul1.1 Train all Department personnel in NIMS. Completed
1.2 Revise the Department Constitution and By-Laws. 2008

2.1 Engage Erie County to construct and maintain a 400 MHZ backbone. 2012
2.2 Engage Erie County to establish a 400-800 MHZ gateway to the NYS Emergency communication System. 2010
2.3 Prepare and submit an AFG grant proposal for 400 MHZ tactical communications equipment. 2008

3.1 Gain a site for the new facility. 2011
3.2 Construct new Central Fire Station. 2015

4.1 Acquire a new Heavy Rescue vehicle. 2012
4.2 Prepare an apparatus Needs Analysis through 2025. 2015

East Aurora 1 and 55.1 Complete the build out of the new training facility. 2010

6.1 Continuing long ranged planning to maintain Department pride. Ongoing

7.1 Implement Federal Training Grant. 2008

8.1 Implement enhanced safety culture within the Department. Ongoing

9.1 Continue SENTRIS and computer information base. Ongoing
9.2 Explore ways to improve the Prescriptive (ISO) and Proscriptive Performance-Based fire insurance ratings for EAFD#1. 2010-2015

10.1 Explore the value of Federal CERT program. Ongoing

11.1 Continue Federal grants efforts. Ongoing
11.2 Explore new projects to attract private donations and grants. 2011
11.3 Gather information about fire protection taxation. 2012

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